Replacing your Dash on your GMC 2011 Denali 2500 Sierra same for 08 -14 Chevrolet Silverado Tahoe

 Are You looking to replace your dash on your GMC or Chevrolet truck? They had a issue with premature cracking and getting really brittle, this causes them to rattle and squeak & give the feeling that your truck or SUV is cheap or falling apart. In this video we start off with removing the old dash and replacing it with a new one from the dealers, we also lined it with Dynamat Xtreme to help reinforce it and to insolate the sounds.

Overall, the job was not too bad, it is challenging in the aspect that everything is fragile and 50% of the panels use the pop in retaining clips that take a bit of force to remove. It took Us about 4 hours to get the new one in and fully installed. Dynamat – Dash Mat – If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment them below! We hope this was helpful! We would love to hear about Your project(s)!! Thanks for watching! Please hit the Like button & Subscribe for future uploads! =) Thank You! Fallow us on Instagram & Facebook! Instagram – Facebook –

Volvo AC Clutch Repair AC Stops Blowing Cold

On Our 2005 Volvo S40I We were having an issue with the AC Clutch disengaging after the clutch heats up or once the engine speeds up past 1200 RPM. From factory these clutches are set with a low tolerance. So after these run for a while the Clutch material wears down and this causes excess air gap which causes the clutch the slip and disengage.

So Behind the Clutch face and the pulley these comes with a set of shims to spaced the clutch out for proper tolerance. By removing the Clutch face and removing the thicker shim (of the 2 shims) this closes the gap that is caused by wear over time, And enables the clutch to operate properly. This is a simple fix, That costs near to nothing. if You end up renting the AC Puller kit from Autozone or Oreillys Auto parts, then You will need to have (3) 5mm bolts to screw into the clutch face to pull the pressed portion away from the clutch pulley, to access the Shims. Once the shims are removed simply install the clutch face and tighten the main bolt down snug. We hope this is helpful and fixs your issue with the AC on Your car.

2015 + Mustang ECOBoost Big Intercooler & Charge Pipe Upgrade From CV Fabrication

We were working on a 2017 Mustang ECOBoost 2.3L Convertible. We did this install Without having to pull the front bumper, By moving the radiator assembly to gain access to a little more room to remove and install the Intercooler.

This should be the same method on 2015 + Mustang ECOBoost.

The Big Intercooler & Charge Pipe Kit Set From CV Fabrication. This Intercooler was a Defect from CV Fab so Some additional modifications were needed for this Install.

The Intercooler runs at $339.99 While the Charge Pipe Kits runs at $199.99. 

We started off by removing the Cawl panel to gain access to the Radiator Support (Not to Remove the Radiator) Just to move it back enough to clear the intercooler. We unbolted the coolant tank and tied it back out of the way. 

Then We removed the Bottom panel, Lower support brace, Disconnected the Map sensor Connector, (Located on the driver side of Intercooler). Then We had access to the Intercooler itself, It has one 10mm bolt on the passenger side and the driver side is a locking tab. 

Next We removed the Cold side Charge pipe from the intercooler and throttle body by removing the 2 clamps. 

The Hot side has some push in clips, bypass valve and two clamps that needs removed. 

Then We had to separate the A/C condenser from the radiator assembly, there is a few clips along a shield that ties the two together. 

Then just lift up on the Radiator assembly to  pop it up and out of the lower mounts.

The Intercooler comes out simply by sliding the passenger side out first and then it comes right out. 

Because We had the Defect Intercooler, It was a mis-drilled unit. The Instructions directed Us to remove the dowel from the Map sensor, Instead We ground down the one side that it needed the extra room in order for the bolt to line up, This way it had a little more bite in the sensor mounting. 

The New Intercooler fit Great, Although the Cold side Charge pipe was just to snug of a fit. 

Over all We liked the Quality of manufacturing of the parts from CV Fab.

We hope This was Helpful. If You have any questions or Comments, Feel free to comment on our video.

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2004 1/2 – 2011 Volvo 2.4L & 2.5L Oil Change How To Video And Instructional

2005 Volvo S40I 2.4L 5 Cylinder Oil Change Instructional video, In this Video We walk you through the steps to properly service your car. this car holds 7 qts of oil, So we want you to know up front on the oil capacity. So having a oil drain pan that can accommodate that.

The part numbers for the Oil filter. We used the OEM,

Volvo, 1275810. 

but there are substitutes

Fram Extra Guard, CH10415

Mobil1 One, M1C-253

We used Walmarts Super tech Engine Oil, Since We are in a warmer climate We used 10W30. Factory recommends 5W30.  

Loosening the Oil filter cap before You drain the oil to insure that all used oil is removed from the engine before New oil is added.

Even using particular Oil additives, We recommend

Rislone Engine Treatment.

Also Some other’s like

Casite Motor Honey Oil Treatment. 

This is the same for 2004 1/2, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.

NA  (None Turbo) 2.4L and the Turbo 2.5L engines.  

We hope this video is helpful. and if You have any questions. Please feel free to leave a comment below! either on Youtube or on Our site here. We look forward to hearing from You!! 

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2018 Ford Fiesta ST 3″ Catless Downpipe.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST 3″ Catless Downpipe Review

Exhaust can be one of simplest, Yet most difficult upgrades that You can do on Your vehicles. Finding the perfect balance and correct drone, while providing a boost in performance can be difficult. 

With companies Like, Whoosh Motorsports, COBB Tuning, Turbos Unleashed, etc. We have options for quality bolt-on performance upgrades. With reviews on these products it helps with the decision making on which product to choose from. 

I decided to go with Whoosh Motorsports 3″ Catless Down pipe, Priced at a reasonably amount of $175.00 with free shipping. I was pleased with the quality of the manufacturing and construction of this down pipe. Mounting was a breeze, flanges lined perfectly. and the support bracket was dead on as well. 

Removal of the factory down pipe was the difficult part of the job, With the car on Rhino ramps, the whole job took Me roughly  2.5 hrs  to complete.   

I am Pleased with the sound of the cars exhaust and at the same time I did a center resonator delete that I got from Ebay for the ST 180 witch is the non U.S. spec Fiesta ST. The fit was perfect and install was simple it was about $150.00 including shipping from the UK.  inside the car the sound difference is barely noticeable.  with the windows down or outside the car you get some good turbo sounds and a nice little growl. here is a link to Our Youtube demonstrating a Cold start with the exhaust installed. 

2017 Mustang EcoBoost Roush Axle-Back exhaust kit

No drone with this setup at all still very quiet inside the car. with the windows or the top down you can hear it better but interior wise it is very mild mannered just a low growl at full throttle. This car has plans for a high flow catted down pipe so we will see how it does after that.  Below is the cold start video to better demonstrate the sound.


Installation of this system was super simple, the worst part was Cutting off the factory exhaust. in under 2 hours start to finish, with the car up on Rhino ramps and a sawzaw. the kit tells you exactly were to cut and how it bolts right on.  We were able To complete this install at Our customers Home, We are grateful for the video footage to be able to share this with all of You. If you have any questions or have a project that You are working on Please let us know, either in a comment below on this site or on Youtube. Thank You.   

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