Replacing your Dash on your GMC 2011 Denali 2500 Sierra same for 08 -14 Chevrolet Silverado Tahoe

 Are You looking to replace your dash on your GMC or Chevrolet truck? They had a issue with premature cracking and getting really brittle, this causes them to rattle and squeak & give the feeling that your truck or SUV is cheap or falling apart. In this video we start off with removing the old dash and replacing it with a new one from the dealers, we also lined it with Dynamat Xtreme to help reinforce it and to insolate the sounds.

Overall, the job was not too bad, it is challenging in the aspect that everything is fragile and 50% of the panels use the pop in retaining clips that take a bit of force to remove. It took Us about 4 hours to get the new one in and fully installed. Dynamat – Dash Mat – If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment them below! We hope this was helpful! We would love to hear about Your project(s)!! Thanks for watching! Please hit the Like button & Subscribe for future uploads! =) Thank You! Fallow us on Instagram & Facebook! Instagram – Facebook –

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