2017 Mustang EcoBoost Roush Axle-Back exhaust kit

No drone with this setup at all still very quiet inside the car. with the windows or the top down you can hear it better but interior wise it is very mild mannered just a low growl at full throttle. This car has plans for a high flow catted down pipe so we will see how it does after that.  Below is the cold start video to better demonstrate the sound.


Installation of this system was super simple, the worst part was Cutting off the factory exhaust. in under 2 hours start to finish, with the car up on Rhino ramps and a sawzaw. the kit tells you exactly were to cut and how it bolts right on.  We were able To complete this install at Our customers Home, We are grateful for the video footage to be able to share this with all of You. If you have any questions or have a project that You are working on Please let us know, either in a comment below on this site or on Youtube. Thank You.   

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